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Goff Curtains are a great addition to your wash bay!

Goff’s Wash Bay Curtain Walls are the ideal way to separate wet, messy wash bay areas from the rest of the shop! Whether its heavy dirt & grime being washed of industrial machinery or final buffing of an automobile, Goff’s Wash Bay Curtain Walls are the easiest, most flexible and economical way to do it! […]

Cleaning Flat Surfaces

Wash Away Dirt and Grime in Less Time Use Hotsy accessories to clean flat surfaces this spring Spring is a beautiful time of year, but it’s also a dirty one. After the cold and wet winter season, spring brings more rain showers and mud – not to mention all the other sources of grime and […]

Push/Pull Wand

Need more Spring Cleaning ideas?  Get this push/pull lance to help you clean hard to reach places.  Vented grip can be pushed and pulled up to 90 degrees.  For hard to reach applications, such as gutters, fenders, trucks and heavy equipment. PSI 3050 Temperature: 300 degrees 34″ stainless steel lance

New look, same great product!

Our Fatigue Free Trigger Gun has a new look! Same quality product: 5000 PSI 12 GPM 300 degrees Farenheit 3/8″ FPT inlet x 1/4″ FPT outlet 21 oz. weight Now includes all these specs right on the gun including our logo, as a helpful reminder where you can buy more great products like these.

Mobile Clean

Clean anywhere, anytime with Hotsy Minnesota’s Mobile Clean options.  We can custom design a mobile clean system that works for your cleaning needs.  Build a custom skid that you can store, load and take anywhere.  Or have a system permanently mounted on a trailer, in a truck or a van.  Talk to our cleaning professionals […]

High Flow Cold water Pressure Washer-NEW!

Introducing Hotsy’s High Flow Cold Water Pressure Washers.  Get the power of a tsunami in a portable washer! This new machine comes with the reliable Hotsy triplex pump, has a one-piece forged brass manifold and carries a 7-year limited warranty…best in the industry! Transition from skid to card design for versatile cold water cleaning applications […]

New Product-Mosmatic Container Cleaner

This attachment is great for cleaning tanks, containers, totes, portable toilets and more.  Three nozzles and high-speed 360° rotation provides powerful cleaning without scrubbing or harming surfaces. Cleans without backsplash Adjustable nozzles Fits in 6″ opening Maintenance-free swivel requires no lubrication 4000PSI Wand & Gun not included

Aqua Rocket Lasts longer!

At Hotsy Minnesota we offer a wide variety of products to help you clean faster and more efficiently saving you time and money. We sell the highest quality nozzles that don’t wear out as fast as our competitors. This video shows our Hydra Flex Aqua Rocket in action verses the average Turbo Nozzle. See for […]

Stock up!

Hotsy Minnesota will be close on January 1st for New Years Day.  Stock up on end of the year supplies today!  A common item that all pressure washers need are nozzles.  Quick coupled nozzles are color coded to easily determine nozzle degree or spray angle, Hardened Stainless Nozzle, fits most 1/4″ quick couplers.  Rated for […]

New Trolley system for St. Michael

St. Michael Public Works just got a new Hotsy and a trolley system. A trolley is a great way to save your hoses.  It keeps your hoses off the ground preventing them from being dragged on the ground or run over.  This prevents them from abrasions, cracking, and dirt making them last longer.  A trolley […]