Hotsy Heaters

Minnesota winters can make it hard to get your work done.  You need a Hotsy heater!  Hotsy portable radiant heaters are perfect for heating construction sites, warming wash bays, warming animal pens, and thawing frozen ground.

Stay warm this Winter

Hotsy is pleased to offer a line of portable heaters ideal for warming areas where workers are cleaning or working in construction sites, including industrial radiant heaters and forced air kerosene heaters. You’ll increase productivity by warming construction sites, or keep guests more comfortable at an outdoor event. Available in two styles: Radiant Heaters and […]

The Red Hot Cannon Heater

Baby it’s cold outside, but it doesn’t have to be cold where you’re working.  Here’s another heating option from Hotsy! The Red Hot Cannon Indirect Heater.  Hotsy, what the Pros use!

Brrr! It’s cold outside!

Winter is here, and it is cold.  Don’t lose productivity because of the cold.  Get a heater from Hotsy Minnesota! The HeatMizer Series is Hotsy’s line of portable radiant heaters with clean combustion and 99.9% efficiency. Using diesel #1, diesel #2, kerosene or jet fuel, the HeatMizers innovation lies in the elimination of the refractory […]