The Benefits of pressure washing your commercial property

A commercial property with a well-maintained exterior help attracts customers. Whether your property is a business building, a strip mall or an apartment community, a dirty building and parking area often turn people away. Commercial property pressure washing eliminates dirt and grime from buildings, awnings, sidewalks, and parking lots. The benefits of pressure washing your commercial property […]

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Frozen pipe Demo

We’ve talked a lot this winter about frozen pipes, drains and gutters.  Here’s a quick demo to show how fast we can thaw a frozen pipe with a pressure washer and a jetter nozzle.      

Steamers vs. Pressure Washers

Steam cleaners and pressure washers are technically built for the same purpose (to clean surfaces), but there are key differences in how they work – and when you should use them. The simplest definition is that steam cleaners use vapor or steam to get surfaces clean, while pressure washers use water and high pressure to […]

Hotsy Cold Water Pressure Washers 1700 Series

Hotsy electric powered cold water pressures washers are available in many styles, but all feature electricity as the power source to run the high-pressure pump. These models come equipped with either a direct-drive or belt-drive pump, and are ETL safety certified to UL-1776 safety standards. The 1700 Series offers the most reliable stationary, electric-powered, cold […]

The Value of Cold Pressure Washers

Hotsy Cold Water Pressure Washers and industrial cleaning equipment are built for the toughest jobs. Hotsy is the leading manufacturer in North America of cold water pressure washers and industrial cleaning equipment. There’s no job too dirty for a Hotsy! With over 35 cold water pressure washer models, you’ll find one perfectly suited to your […]

The value of hot pressure washers

Cold water pressure washers are great for cleaning off dirt. If the surface to be cleaned has oil or grease then a cold water pressure washer won’t clean well. It’s like washing a greasy plate in the sink. No matter how much soap you use, you’re just smearing around the grease. Add hot water, and […]