Hotsy Specials!

It may still feel like winter, but the deals are HOT at Hotsy Minnesota! Save BIG on our most popular machines. $1000 off now through April 30th. Or save on Quick Coupled Nozzle Kits.  Choose from a 4 or 5 pack.  Go to shop.hotsymn.com  to save today! Hotsy, what the Pros use!

August sales are ending soon!

Hurry before it’s too late, you don’t want to miss out on this great deal.  No money down and no payments for one year on a new Hotsy!  Get rid of that tired old pressure washer and get some cleaning power with a new Hotsy!  Hotsy, what the pros use!  This special ends August 31!

Hotsy Sale!

So many choices, one great sale!  No money down and no payments for one year!  Hurry this sale ends August 31st.                       Hotsy, what the Pros use!

Preventative Maintenance

Most hot and cold water pressure washers are frequently operated without receiving regular maintenance or repairs.  Oversight leads to early pump replacements. Operating equipment with marginal hoses, safety valves, pressure unloaders or burner igniter issues can result in extreme safety hazards, such as high pressure hose ruptures and burner insulation fires. Poorly maintained equipment slowly […]

Preventative Maintenance Special

Preventative Maintenance has been discussed in this blog before, however, it is a topic that should not be forgotten.   Keeping your equipment clean and running efficiently is the number one way to save your company time and money.  Hotsy Minnesota is running a special on its 24 point tune up.   Call today to […]