Icicles And Ice Dams In Minnesota: How To Fix Them

(Taken from an article from Woodbury Patch)   Icicles And Ice Dams In Minnesota: How To Fix Them State officials say you should not install heating cables because they will shorten the life of your roof and add to your energy costs. By William Bornhoft, Patch Staff | Feb 25, 2019 4:43 pm ET | […]

Winterizing your pressure washer

Cold weather is upon us.  Are your machines up to the task?  See how easy winterizing your can be in this video.

Stock up on Salt Neutralizer now!

It’s that time of year again! Winter storms will be here soon and road crews will be spreading sand and salt on the roads. Trucks take a beating in the winter. Slush coats the undercarriage and refreezes overnight. Hotsy Minnesota’s Salt Neutralizer can help. Routine maintenance of trucks in the wintertime includes flushing the undercarriage, […]

Get CLEAN before Winter!

Increase foot traffic at your business by pressure washing your sidewalks and entrances. Before you know it the snow will be here, Now’s the time to clean off the dirt and grime and get it looking great for the Winter. Hotsy, what the Pros use!